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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU): What You Need to Know.

Undoubtedly, the demand for housing properties in America is rising. This makes an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) one of the best home improvement projects to meet the demand. Adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to your Los Angeles home has several advantages. So, if you’re thinking of adding an ADU or room addition to your property to boost your home’s resale value and generate some extra income, our team is here to assist.

What Exactly Are ADUs?

An ADU is an additional, smaller housing located on the same property as the primary residence. It may take many forms, such as bedrooms above garages, backyard sheds, and basement suites. However, your residential space is not limited to these forms as there is so much more. But what is the benefit of ADU?

Shelter for the Family

Many homeowners construct ADUs to accommodate aging relatives who can no longer live independently and offset the costs of maintaining two homes. An ADU is an attractive solution for keeping an elderly relative nearby, allowing you to provide care for them without compromising their feeling of freedom.

Accommodations for visitors

Are you fond of relatives visiting your home or a class of people that frequently stay overnight? Building an ADU is an intelligent solution for accommodating visitors who want to avoid being a constant burden on you. Either they can live there on their own without bothering you, or they need you there 24 hours a day. Just hand over the keys and tell them to have fun.

Increase your home’s market value.

The market value of your property will rise by the extent you invest in enhancing it. The same principle applies to building an ADU in your home. An ADU, whether attached or detached, will raise the market value of your main house. Also, it increases the property’s visibility, which brings in more potential purchasers. There are few proven studies on the increase in property value caused by adding an ADU. However, you can anticipate a significant increase in value!

For Sustainability

In conclusion, accessory dwelling units are far more affordable than conventional houses. They don’t need as much room, time, or resources to construct. They’re far cheaper and more eco- friendly than traditional houses. Additionally, ADUs have a lower energy footprint. The fact that they are eco-friendly is a bonus.

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