Garage Conversion

The garage is the most underused space in many homes. In the past, it was purposely used for housing the car. However today, the garage has become more useful, you can convert it into a useful space to compliment the living area. If you want an extra space in your house or looking to add some touches, you should opt to convert the garage. In Los Angeles, a garage conversion is cheaper than other options of complimenting the available space.
The topmost benefit of converting your garage is value addition. It adds up to 10% more to the original value of the house. Besides, it gives you extra floor space. Moreover, it is attractive, and people admire it. The converted space is more valuable and recoups the expenditure of having the garage. Pine Tree Design & Construction understand that every client’s needs are different, so we customize each project to meet your specific requests and personal tastes.

A home design is very personal and intimate to some people. Since it is your home, you get a chance to decide the design and purpose it will serve. You may decide to have a standard conversion and use it as an extra living area. Also, you can assign a specific purpose. In most cases, people convert the space into a gym, an office, or a library. Others use it as an extra room for their grown-up kids who need freedom. If you love art, you may also convert it to an entertainment room, place comfortable chairs, a big screen, you may also include a games table. Whatever is your reason for conversion, Pine Tree Design & Construction can help to make it happen. We provide quality work, attention to detail along with careful supervision and we will walk you through all the process till your absolute satisfaction.

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