Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen renovation is the most amazing decision you can ever make for your house. Whether you want to improve your way of living or for the resale, renovation is the way to go. The kitchen is the heart and the central room in your home. Pine Tree Design & Construction is the right choice, if you wish to finally make your kitchen as you wanted.

In the past, the kitchen was designed for cooking and preparing meals only. However, it has gradually morphed and today the kitchen wears many hats. It is the center where the family meets and enjoys meals, it is a great space for bantering with friends, an entertainment area and some people use it as the kid’s art museum. A renovation has massive benefit that you can ever imagine.
Market value is the most reason people remodel their kitchens. A kitchen renovation boosts the value of your home greatly. Most buyers go for modern kitchens; but there are endless options on the market. Pine Tree Design & Construction can walk you through all the process of picking the right kitchen for you.

Pine Tree Design & Construction will renovate your kitchen and bring it to new life and also, it will raise its comfort in various ways, for instance, it will lower odors and heat from the cooking process and help you improve the ventilation.
Having an island with a large sitting space is a great way to provide extra space in your kitchen. Having an extra-large window allows in more sunlight. A renovation makes the kitchen space better for you and your family. A kitchen renovation project allows you to expand the size of your kitchen. With Pine Tree Design & Construction professional help, you can knock down some walls and as well create more space in different ways. With additional space, you can easily walk around, cook, clean, and entertain the guests.

Pine Tree Design & Construction as a general contractor offers full services at remodeling your kitchen. We keep the highest standards of cabinet fabrication as well as high quality of 3/4″ solid plywood.
We prepare 3D design based on your vision, we remove or ad walls, windows, or doors, we can install endless variety of electrical and plumbing fixtures.
For your new kitchen you can pick any of cabinet accessories as drawers, shelves, trays, opening systems any many others. You name it!
We fabricate, deliver, and install countertop of your choice, countertop edge details including Bevel, Radius, Bullnose and Ogee finishes as well as your choice of backsplash. All our work is on time and per your budged as well as permitted and confirmed by city inspectors.  If required, our engineers prepare blueprint all coordinated by your project manager.

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